BMMtv Episode 9: Weird Stuff

Mike and Paul watch a lot of weird stuff on B-Movie Mania but THESE movies might take the weird cake. Up first, it’s Brian Yuzna’s 1989 cult classic “Society”, which is…. uhhhh, pretty weird! Then, take a trip to New Jersey and experience the weird shot-on-video masterpiece “The Ironbound Vampire”.

Plus – J.P. tells everyone about a cool movie he rented. Keep it weird, Maniacs!

B-Movie Mania is a bi-weekly movie review show hosted by Mike Hayes and Paul Brooks!

You can watch on Can TV Channel 19 in Chicago every Thursday night at 9pm and Friday afternoons at 4pm. The show premieres on YouTube Friday nights at 9pm central! Join the live chat with Mike and Paul! We love these b-movies!!

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