Bee Movie Mania 2021

It’s that time again, Bee Movie Mania time! Join Mike and TWO bee-related experts as they discuss Seinfeld’s Bee Movie as well as….fan-made Bee Movie adjacent material.
WARNING: There is some sexy talk in this episode.

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Barry B. Benson took off his little bee sweater.
“I’m hoooooome” he sang, calling for the love of his life.

Vanessa, a real life human woman, walked into the livingroom of their home.

“Are you hungry, my tiny lover?” She asked.

“You betcha! It’s been a long day at the hive. What’s for dinner?”

“I have something special in mind.” Vanessa placed her sexy human leg onto the coffee table. The ends of her yellow striped robe falling aside, showing Barry a peek at her delicious human honeypot.

“I started prepping something for you to eat, but I need you to finish it off.”

“Bzzzzzzz” Barry flapped his wings, excited, sexually. “I love eating a meal that fills YOU up, my human lover.”

“Then get your tiny but attentive bee tongue over here and buzz my pusshive until you’re covered in my human love honey.”

Barry may have had a hard day of work, but he was ready for this new task. The only thing he loved more than his real life human-being wife, was spending sexy interspecies sex time with her.

Barry flew seductively and landed on her thigh, “Time to find out what the deal with YOUR airplane food is.” Barry winked, and disappeared within her sticky folds.

The End


The Petunia opened its soft petals each morning.
It knew it’s lovers would be coming.
And every morning, the bees would come.
As the morning dew moistened the soft petals of the flowers,
The bees would rub their fuzzy thoraxes against the pestle of the yearning plants.
That’s right, each morning the bees would fuck the ever buzzing shit out of the field of Petunias
…and each morning the Petunias came.


Barry B. Benson couldn’t wait to start his new job at Honex.
But he needed to graduate from Bee School first.

Barry’s teacher walked into the classroom, or as she was calling it today, “The Sassroom”

“Why am I the only one here?” Barry asked Mrs. Buzzy

“We need to talk about your grades, Barry.”

“I noticed you’ve been distracted this semester. I think that’s why you haven’t earned all B’s”

“I’m sorry.” groaned Barry. “Is there something I can do to get all B’s? I GOTTA get that one single job at Honex.”

Mrs. Buzzy looked at Barry sadly, but then winked. “I know what you can do.”

“I’ll tell you what, for each subject in school, if you can make me cream honey, I’ll give you the B you deserve.”

Barry smiled. This was the part of school he liked.

“Let’s see how you are at Spelling”

Barry walked up to Mrs. Buzzy and held her hands, then dropped down to his knees.

Barry began nuzzling her sweet spot, making muffled noises as he did.

“I-V-E” Mrs. Buzzy knew what he was doing. “Beehive. That’s perfect Barry. You get a B. Now show me your Math.”

Barry smiled with pleasure, then turned around.

Barry’s stinger grew from his backside, and he slowly slid it between her legs and up to her lower thorax.

“What number am I thinking of?” asked Mrs. Buzzy.

“That’s easy” Barry responded with an excited grin on his face.

He began vibrating his stinger and slowly rubbing it against Mrs. Buzzy’s bee pussy.

Once, twice, ten, eleven, he kept rubbing, faster and faster.

“66, 67, 68. Stick it in for your final answer!” Mrs. Buzzy excitedly moaned.

“69!” Barry cried.

Mrs. Buzzy pulled Barry close, “you didn’t pollenate yet did you, Barry? Because that was a perfect score. B+”

“Now for your final answer. Spray your honey all over my fuzzy bee breasts!”

Barry didn’t waste a nanosecond, he was ready to burst.

He climbed on top of the the teachers desk and pulled his stinger between his legs.

Taking as careful aim as his buzzing body could, he sprayed his honey all over Mrs. Buzzy’s bee tits and face.

“I’m cumming beeeeeee” Barry cried

“Mrs. Buzzy was pleased. She licked her lips and give Barry his reward “You pass Barry, All B’s. Now go to your next class, but today, 3pm, in my classroom, you have a Pop Quiz. or should I say ‘Pop Bee Jizz?’”

Mrs. Buzzy winked and patted Barry’s little bee ass as he walked out of the classroom.

The End


The Old Bee & The Cricket (STORY 4)
There was an old Bee and a Cricket
The Bee’s stinger he wanted to stick it
So he asked real nice,
And the Cricket said twice,
“You can stick if you then let me lick it.”

B-Movie Mania
Bee Movie Mania 2021

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