Paul & Kat Go See CATS

Well… SOMEONE had to do it. Paul Brooks was sent on assignment to check out the nightmare fever dream everyone is talking about – CATS. The MOVIE. Appropriately enough, he’s joined by YouTube sensation and musical theater expert, Kat Steele. Together, they dissect this new Tom Hooper film to determine if it’s the next cult sensation or just a hot cat turd. Come along for the adventure! MEOWWW!
Watch Kat and Paul’s crossover review on her YouTube channel!

Windycon 2019 Part 1 – Evolver

We attended Windycon 2019 and decided to do a review since we were all in the same room. We hit the dealer room and found Evolver, staring the voice of William H. Macy and Ethan Embry. If you want to catch this killer robot flick, you can check it out on Amazon Prime

Next week we’ll drop another review because we found more than we bargained for in that dealer room. Windycon 2019 part 2 next Tuesday!