Dark Hollywood: Lizard People Under LA

In this exciting episode of Dark Hollywood, Michael and Paul are joined by General James Monroe Sprinkles as he descends into the dark depths beneath Los Angeles to uncover the truth about the Lizard People that live in the caverns below.

Special thanks to Josh Linden of the Being Earnest podcast. Check it out, it’s a great listen.

Bonus – Insufferable Groo

We couldn’t just watch Stephen Groo’s biggest film “The Unexpected Race.”
No, we had to dive in hard with Scott Christopherson’s documentary about the man, Hollywood’s interest, and the process of remaking his magnum opus with the help of Jack Black & Jared Hess.

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Dark Hollywood: Mothman and Batman

Batman – One of the most iconic superheroes in Hollywood.
Mothman – One of the most mysterious creatures in West Virginia.

On the surface, they don’t seem connected. But… are they? Michael and Paul welcome ultra-terrestrial researcher Dr. Allena Kestrel to discuss the shocking truth behind these dark and misunderstood heroes of the night.
Also, Michael takes your phone calls and Paul presents his “big reveal” from deep inside the Bronson Caves in Hollywood. This episode of Dark Hollywood is sponsored by Nightbeast Hard Seltzer – Drink Up The Night! www.bit.ly/nightbeast

Paul & Kat Go See CATS

Well… SOMEONE had to do it. Paul Brooks was sent on assignment to check out the nightmare fever dream everyone is talking about – CATS. The MOVIE. Appropriately enough, he’s joined by YouTube sensation and musical theater expert, Kat Steele. Together, they dissect this new Tom Hooper film to determine if it’s the next cult sensation or just a hot cat turd. Come along for the adventure! MEOWWW!
Watch Kat and Paul’s crossover review on her YouTube channel!