Windycon 2019 Part 1 – Evolver

We attended Windycon 2019 and decided to do a review since we were all in the same room. We hit the dealer room and found Evolver, staring the voice of William H. Macy and Ethan Embry. If you want to catch this killer robot flick, you can check it out on Amazon Prime

Next week we’ll drop another review because we found more than we bargained for in that dealer room. Windycon 2019 part 2 next Tuesday!

Halloween Special: Shrunken Heads

Happy Halloween, Maniacs! What happens when three innocent teens get blown away by gang members, only to have their heads shrunken by a wise, old comic book salesman? Also, what does William Shatner have to with any of this? There’s a lot of questions and fortunately, we have the answers for you. Listen as Paul hosts a super spooky review of “William Shatner’s Halloween Fright Night: Shrunken Heads”. Eat the Wizzo!

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TEASER: Halloween 2019 – Shrunken Heads

Halloween is nearly upon us! That means it’s almost time for candy corn, haunted hayrides… and B-Movie Mania’s Halloween Special! This October, Paul is presenting a strange little flick he found on Tubi. It’s called… (deep breath) …”William Shatner’s Halloween Frightnight: Shrunken Heads”. Listen in as Paul reveals the movie title to his fellow Maniacs *via telephone*. Kind of a weird teaser, but whatevs.


Dark Hollywood: Is Tommy Wiseau Really D.B. Cooper?

Tommy Wiseau. Actor… Director… plane hijacker?

Mike and Paul investigate the dark connections between the infamous Mr. Wiseau and notorious criminal mastermind D.B. Cooper. They are joined by special guest Robyn Paris- actor and creator of “The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?”- to help shed some light on this bizarre mystery. Plus, Mike takes your phone calls!

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