Diary of a B-Movie Maniac: ‘Crazy’ Chris Hutson

POOOW! Diary is back and you will never guess who is on this episode.
It’s ‘Crazy’ Chris Hutson and boy does he have a beverage to share with you.

I had the chance to speak with Chris at this year’s annual ’24 Hour B-Movie Marathon.’ We get down and deep on what really makes him tic.

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Halloween Special 2017

The B-Movie Maniacs were working in the lab late one night
When our eyes beheld an eerie sight
The results of our first listener poll began to rise
And suddenly to our surprise
We watched the mash
We watched the Monster Mash…
Happy Halloween B-Movie Maniacs! You spoke and we listened. Gather around the campfire and we’ll tell you about our scary encounter with the 1995 Candace Cameron movie, Monster Mash. In this extra-spooky spectacular of an episode, we discuss Bobby Pickett, the Monster Mash songwriter who went on to play Dr. Frankenstein in the movie, a plot that’s like a razor in a candy bar, the movie’s connections to your favorite modern day dance shows and oh so much more. You’ll get tricked. You’ll get treats. It’s like candy corn in your ear!

TEASER: Halloween Special

It’s the Halloween season and that means it’s time for a special, spooky episode of B-Movie Mania! We thought it would be fun to let you, yes YOU, dear listener help choose what we watch. Each of the B-Movie crew selected a film and we need you to decide the winner. You can head over to facebook, instagram or twitter to vote or just leave a comment below. The candidates are:

J: The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror (Trailer / Watch on Amazon)
Mike: Monster Mash (Trailer / Watch on YouTube)
Chris: Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place (Trailer / Watch on YouTube)
Paul: The Cauldron: Baptism of Blood (Trailer / Watch on Amazon)

The poll will remain open through Friday, October 20 at 5 p.m. so go get a pumpkin spiced something and vote now!

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