S4E16 – Despiser

Get ready for some rip-roarin’ fun as the Boys go on a road trip to…Purgatory?! **RECORD SCRATCH** What does this have to do with the 2003 CGI Sci-fi film Despiser?!
Find out on this week’s season finale of B-Movie Mania!!

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“What’s Mike’s favorite Built To Spill music video,” you ask? Well it’s the one w ofhere Doug Martsch watches his own music videos and is obsessed with a character in ones of them.
You know, THIS ONE


And watch Jason listen to V.A.S.T.

S4E15 – Nemesis

Nemesis is an action-packed roller coaster thrill ride, just like this podcast. There are guns, just like this podcast. There are hot babes, just like this podcast. And there are cyborgs, just like this podcast! Unlike this podcast, however, Nemesis was directed by Albert Pyun and has a teeeeeeeny wanger role with a very young Tom Jane. But we’re working on it.
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