S2E12 – The Land of College Prophets


Exploding rats. A well that eats children. A Nazi super-solider with diabetes. Crabs. These are just a few things contained within the rich tapestry of “The Land of College Prophets”, an independent film that dares to get real damn weird. Join the Maniacs as they attempt to dissect this odd little flick that Paul found at a Dollar Tree in Chicago.

The film is available for free on YouTube…right here!

Check out the documentary on the making of the making of The Land of College Prophets.

Mike’s really great flowchart.
Dear Mike, Bells is definitely in the opening credits
Probably what your “Haha, Jesus belt” note was about, Chris.


S2E11 – Turbo Kid

In the wasteland, what’s a kid to do with no water, no parents and no entrail-exploding power-glove? If that kid is like Turbo Kid, he’ll pal up with with a crazy robot, piss off Michael Ironside, and ride his BMX bike while armed with an entrail-exploding power-glove! If this sounds like your cup of radioactive water, and it really should, listen to our latest episode about Turbo Kid!

Watch the original Turbo Kid short film HERE.

Watch the Turbo Kid prequel on YouTube HERE.