Season 3 Teaser

It’s almost time for B-Movie Mania Season 3 baybay! In order to determine who picks the first movie this season J, Chris and Mike journeyed over 5,000 miles to secret temple in a remote Chinese mountain range. There they found The Prince of Magic from 1983’s The Killing of Satan. Listen in on The Prince of Magic’s ancient wisdom and the first movie selection of the new season. It’s good to be back!

Quick Takes: BloodRayne 3

Guten tag, Maniacs! Mike and Chris are here to discuss vampire fashion in the early 1940s as presented in the docudrama, BloodRayne 3. Other topics of conversation include how to clean yourself after making a mess while feeding, the varied accents of Nazi Germany and subjugated territories, and how much Gratuitous Clint Howard is too gratuitous. Spoiler alert: No amount of Clint Howard is too gratuitous.