S2E10 – Chopping Mall

Hello choppers! On this episode of B-Movie Mania we examine the 1986 Jim Wynorski gem, Chopping Mall. Eight teenagers are trapped after hours in a high-tech shopping mall and pursued by three murderous security robots. Listen and find out why this film earns the second 100 score in B-Movie Mania history!

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INTERVIEW – Mark Pirro

Mark Pirro is a writer and director who’s been making ultra low budget movies since the late 70’s. Paul Brooks sits down with Mark to chat about his career, some of his favorite b-movies and what it was like working with actor Conrad Brooks!

Mark’s official website: http://www.pirromount.com

S2E09 – The Doll Squad

The safety of the world is being threatened once again. A madman is going to decimate the planet. Our only hope is to listen to this episode about THE DOLL SQUAD, a badass team CIA femme fatales. Legendary b-movie director Ted V. Mikels gives us this fantastic look inside the lives of the beautiful, smart, and kickass women that protect this planet.

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