S2EP06 – Return Fire: Jungle Wolf 2

Do you like explosions? What about child warriors? If so you’re going to love J’s pick, Return Fire: Jungle Wolf 2. This film stars international martial arts sensation, Ron Marchini, as the titular Jungle Wolf. He goes head to head with Batman…err…Adam West. There is a ton of action and a whole lot of hand grenades. Haven’t seen Jungle Wolf 1? Don’t worry about it. Ron Marchini will make sure you’re all caught up through the power of flashbacks!

You can only see Return Fire: Jungle Wolf 2 at this link on YouTube. The movie never got a DVD release and isn’t available on other streaming services.

And as promised in the episode, here’s Chris’s Creep Van video. And fyi, for as many times as Chris says “Creep Van” at least half of them were cut out.

S2E05 – Hologram Man

KaBOOOOOM! This week Jon Nix joins us to discuss the 1995 action-thriller ‘Hologram Man.’ Prisoner Slash Gallagher’s holo-file has been hacked and now he can wreak havoc upon Los Angeles as some sort of living hologram. But don’t worry, Kurt Decoda is here to save us all.
This film is full of great names, a bonkers plot, explosions, explosions and even more explosions.

Watch on Amazon Prime or a more risque version on YouTube.

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SPECIAL: Twisted Dreams Film Fest

On this special episode, Paul and Mike head to Milwaukee to check out the Twisted Dreams Film Festival! The boys chat with some cool folks involved with the festival and watch a few scary flicks! Later in the night, things take a turn when noted ghost enthusiast Tim Bavlnka leads the Maniacs on a creepy ghost hunt at the Brewhouse Inn! Prepare to be spooked, Milwaukee style!

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