S1E13 – Fungicide

Behold, the lowest budget film featured on B-Movie Mania to date! Fungicide is a story about killer mushrooms made for a whopping $143.00. You will laugh. You will cry. You will never want to eat mushrooms again. This may be the movie that divided the B-Movie crew the most. If you missed the teaser, let’s just say Mike had a very strong reaction to watching this. You can watch Fungicide for free on Amazon Prime. Share your own mushroom stories in the comments! It’s Fungiciiiiiide!

TEASER for Episode 13

The movie Jason picked for episode 13 is Fungicide. It is a $140 “Night of the Living Dead” style movie with mushrooms. We’re pretty sure it broke Mike’s mind. In the teaser Jason reads a transcript of Mike’s comments as he struggles with the movie for the first time.

Watch Fungicide for free on Amazon Prime!





The transcript reading was very dramatic.

S1E12 – Nightbeast

The B-Movie Maniacs are joined by comedian/actor Richard Bain to discuss the Don Dohler classic ‘Nightbeast.’
Can Perkins shoot the laser gun? Will the governor get his vodka and water mild? Who will get the girl, Jamie or Drago?!
Find out on this episode of B-Movie Mania!















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Cars 3







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S01E11 – The Killing of Satan

SATAN! SATAN! COME OUT AND FACE THIS PODCAST, SATAN! Those of us at B Movie Mania have always wondered how a mortal with “magic” powers would stand up to The Prince of Darkness in an all-out fight. We’re still wondering, but The Killing of Satan shows us the next best thing. The Devil does eventually show up though, so it’s not a total loss. Feel free to write and tell us how you think this battle should have gone after you watch the movie and listen to our latest episode.
You can watch The Killing of Satan on YouTube.

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TEASER to Episode 11

Brothers and sisters! Welcome to the next service in The Church of B-Movie Mania. Today’s sermon, from Brother Chris Hutson, is about the 1983 Filipino movie, The Killing of Satan. Accept the word of the B-Movie Crew into your hearts and into your mind as you listen to our teaser for next week’s episode.

Show high moral character and purchase the DVD on Amazon or be a sinner and watch it for free on YouTube.