Teaser – Virtual Combat

Mike announces the next movie, Virtual Combat as well as a brand new sponsor! Virutal Combat is a 1995 action flick about virtual fighting and virtual sexing. Don “the Dragon” Wilson stars in this one and kicks his way through technology…?

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“Twisting ” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
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S3E01 – Meet the Feebles

Peter Jackson is a household name thanks to his Lord of the Rings trilogy and many other fine feature films. But never before has he been honored with an episode of B-Movie Mania. Well, except for that time we reviewed Bad Taste. But today, we’re kicking off season 3 with his gross out puppet movie, Meet the Feebles. It’s a film that defies explanation, but we try anyway. Enjoy our discussion about sodomy, racism in the Vietnam War, and what it means to catch “The Big One” as a major network television star.

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