TEASER to Episode 9

ROOOOOAR! Jason picked the 1994 sci-fi comedy Tammy and the T-Rex for the 9th episode. In this teaser Jason interviews the titular T-Rex before a live studio audience. They talk about Mr. Rex’s co-stars Denise Richards and Paul Walker. As you might expect, things do not go according to plan…

Watch Tammy and the T-Rex on YouTube.
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S1E8 – Zombie Decadence

Listen, everyone loves zombies. And everyone loves strippers! So why not smash them together like a glitter and brains sandwich? Add a side of biker gang and a dash of creepy public access clown and baby, you got yourself an undead stew goin’. We watched Zombie Decadence and… er wait, was it Zombie Strippers? Who knows! Just listen and enjoy while you’re still alive!

Official hashtag: #WhatWouldHamboDo?

Zombie Decadence is available on Amazon Prime or Full Moon Streaming.

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TEASER to Episode 8

So you think you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Fine. But are you prepared for our next movie, “Zombie Decadence”? Didn’t think so! Fortunately, Paul Brooks is here to get you locked and loaded for the carnage. Fair warning: This teaser episode is a little noisy because… well, sometimes things go wrong at Arby’s. Listen and learn, Maniacs.

Watch Zombie Decadence on Hulu.
Official Hashtag: #WhatWouldHamboDo

S1E7 – Fire & Ice

Between the time when the oceans drank Old Grandad bourbon whiskey, and the rise of the sons of Huls and Hutson, there was a podcast undreamed of! And unto this, Hayes and Brooks, destined to bear witness to the commentary of B-Movie Mania upon their troubled brows. It is us! The Chroniclers, who alone can tell thee of the saga. Let us tell you of the days of Ralph Bakshi’s Fire and Ice!

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SPECIAL – WonderCon 2017

Take a trip down to Anaheim, California and check out the sounds and sights of WonderCon 2017! B-Movie Mania’s Paul Brooks hits the convention center to ask the age old question: What’s your favorite bad movie of all time? The plethora of answers from WonderCon attendees might surprise you! Or maybe not!

To cap off the show, Paul and his girlfriend Stephanie take in the 80’s action flick “Snake Eater” starring the incomparable Lorenzo Lamas. They give it a mini-review and call up co-host Mike Hayes to get his Quick Take! Watch Snake Eater on YouTube.

Official hashtag: #WonderCon2017

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TEASER to Episode 7

In 1983, two masters of their craft, Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta, combined forces to create a fantasy story like no other: Fire and Ice! You’ll have to wait another week to find out just what the B Movie Crew thought about this scantily-clad animated epic, but for now, sit back and allow yourself to be teased by the soothing voice of Totally Not Chris Hutson. Mmmmmm, delicious…

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S1E6 – Big Money Rustlas

Whoop Whoop!
If you’ve been looking for a dope ass western to watch with a spiked bottle of Faygo, this is the one.
Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J have created a Juggalo epic rivaling ‘The Odyssey.’
Sheriff Sugar Wolf returns to his hometown to find that it has been taken over by Big Baby Chips, a ruthless gambling tycoon. Sugar decides to clean up the town but to do so he must confront Big Baby Chips and his series of assassins.

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