Dark Hollywood: Lizard People Under LA

In this exciting episode of Dark Hollywood, Michael and Paul are joined by General James Monroe Sprinkles as he descends into the dark depths beneath Los Angeles to uncover the truth about the Lizard People that live in the caverns below.

Special thanks to Josh Linden of the Being Earnest podcast. Check it out, it’s a great listen.

Not Quite Canon: Conan

Welcome to Not Quite Canon, a new B-Movie Mania spin-off where we dive into the fan-made films that celebrate the universes we love.
For this first episode, Jason joins Mike as they watch and discuss the fan-made short film, ‘Conan The Cimmerian.’
Join us for this epic quest.
You can watch the short on YouTube…or just right below.

S4E16 – Despiser

Get ready for some rip-roarin’ fun as the Boys go on a road trip to…Purgatory?! **RECORD SCRATCH** What does this have to do with the 2003 CGI Sci-fi film Despiser?!
Find out on this week’s season finale of B-Movie Mania!!

Watch Despiser on Amazon Prime
Watch the Behind the scenes right here:

“What’s Mike’s favorite Built To Spill music video,” you ask? Well it’s the one w ofhere Doug Martsch watches his own music videos and is obsessed with a character in ones of them.
You know, THIS ONE


And watch Jason listen to V.A.S.T.