S4E13 – 1313: UFO Invasion

Don’t be a douche. Dive into director David DeCoteau’s universe of hot bodies, alien research, and the eternal hunt for ADAM?? in “1313: UFO Invasion”. Jump in, guys… the podcast water is VERY nice.

Check out the FlavorWire article Mike was talking about.

Did you know, Paul and J once met Charles Band?!

Teaser – 1313: UFO Invasion


Things have gotten a little complicated for our next episode, “1313: UFO Invasion”. Fortunately, Paul discovered a cassette tape recording that explains everything. If anyone knows who this Arnie guy is, please e-mail us.

The DVD for “1313: UFO Invasion” is available on Amazon Prime… if you really feel the need to do that.

S4E12 The Unexpected Race

Low budget meets high fantasy as the maniacs discuss Stephen Groo’s micr-budget magnum opus, The Unexpected Race. It’s a tale as old as time; Elf meets Human, they fall in love, the FBI comes to finish the job.

You can watch The Unexpected Race on Amazon Prime.

And check out our bonus episode about the documentary about Groo remaking his film in 2018 with the helps of Jack Black, RIGHT HERE.