S5E3 – Torque

Do you think cars suck? Do you mind wearing advertisements for some of the biggest brands on the planet? Do you like thongs or have sexual thoughts about motorcycle helmets? Then you may have just what it takes to enjoy the next episode of B-Movie Mania, Torque!

Torque is basically The Fast and The Furious if it starred Martin Henderson, Ice Cube, Adam Scott, and Jamie Pressly. And if they rode motorcycles. And if everyone was angry all the time. Is Vin Diesel or Paul Walker angry in the Fast and Furious franchise? I’ve never seen it.

If you’ve got a time machine, you can watch Torque on HBO Now, otherwise, throw Jeff Bezos a couple bones to watch it on Amazon.

B-Movie Mania
B-Movie Mania
S5E3 - Torque

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