Quick Takes: BloodRayne 3

Guten tag, Maniacs! Mike and Chris are here to discuss vampire fashion in the early 1940s as presented in the docudrama, BloodRayne 3. Other topics of conversation include how to clean yourself after making a mess while feeding, the varied accents of Nazi Germany and subjugated territories, and how much Gratuitous Clint Howard is too gratuitous. Spoiler alert: No amount of Clint Howard is too gratuitous.

S2E16 – Turkish Star Wars

Oh jeeeeze, where to begin? A golden brain. A lightning sword. Lots of jumping. Lots of cute, furry monsters. Copyright infringement. You get the idea. “The Man Who Saves The World” a.k.a. Turkish Star Wars is a genuine cult classic for many, many reasons. Join the Maniacs for the season two finale as Paul rides off into the B-Movie sunset.

Please consider wearing ear plugs while listening to this episode. Sorry about everything. We love you.

Watch Turkish Star Wars right here on YouTube.

And here is Episode 1 of ‘Snakebusters’ with Violent J and his furry daughter.