S2E16 – Turkish Star Wars

Oh jeeeeze, where to begin? A golden brain. A lightning sword. Lots of jumping. Lots of cute, furry monsters. Copyright infringement. You get the idea. “The Man Who Saves The World” a.k.a. Turkish Star Wars is a genuine cult classic for many, many reasons. Join the Maniacs for the season two finale as Paul rides off into the B-Movie sunset.

Please consider wearing ear plugs while listening to this episode. Sorry about everything. We love you.

Watch Turkish Star Wars right here on YouTube.

And here is Episode 1 of ‘Snakebusters’ with Violent J and his furry daughter. 


Interview – Tony Wash

Tony Wash is an independent filmmaker from the midwest who has completed four feature films and a variety of shorts. Jason Huls chats with Tony about the modern indie film landscape, his projects, working with Sid Haig and more!

The Rake Trailer (Amazon Prime)

Skeletons in the Closet Trailer

High on the Hog Trailer

The Muck (short film)

The Muck from Scotchworthy on Vimeo.

Find out more about Tony and his company, Scotchworthy Productions at www.scotchworthy.com.

Teaser for Turkish Star Wars

It’s a big news day for B-Movie Mania. Our season finale is coming up. Paul Brooks is leaving the podcast. Turkish Star Wars is a thing that exists. Catch up on all of these major developments by listening to this here Turkish Teaser!

You can watch “The Man Who Saves The World” a.k.a. Turkish Star Wars RIGHT HERE on the YouTubes.


S2E15 – No Holds Barred

Ladies and gentlemen!  In this corner, standing six foot seven, weighing 298 pounds with the 24 inch pythons… No Holds Barred!  In the other corner, with a combined height of twenty feet and combined weight of too goddamn much… Your 2018 B-Movie Maniaaacs!

Who will win this historic match-up?  Watch No Holds Barred here, then tune in to this episode to find out!


Mike recreates the famous push-up scene. Kind of.  Just let it all soak in.