S2E04 – Fury Redux


Are you a dumb whore… Or just a whore? This is one of the central questions asked in “Fury Redux”, the 2017 thriller from director Paul Gorman. The Maniacs have some wildly different takes on this episode, so make sure you check it out.
The movie is available on Amazon Prime (free for Prime members). Are you brave enough to experience The Fury? Answer the question, Patty!!

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S2E04 - Fury Redux
    Paul Gorman
    9 Jun 2018

    Oh. My. God. Thanks guys, for taking the time to review my film. I’m extremely flattered. The only way this could have been better is if you paced it out to 69 minutes. It’s still the best 56 minutes I’ve spent all year.

    – Paul ‘Luckiest Guy In The Movie’ Gorman
    MaddyGTV Networks

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