Teaser for Episode 16

If there are special guests on the damn teaser episode, you know it’s serious business. Join Paul as he chats with David Jetter and Gale Murrin, co-hosts of the Austin, Texas based podcast Jett Theory Radio. The guys lay out the ground rules for the 1990 anthology horror flick Two Evil Eyes. Get yourself prepped for the season finale of B-Movie Mania! Official hashtag: #TwoEvilEyes

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S1E15 – Bad Taste

In 1987, Peter Jackson’s first film Bad Taste was released upon the world and promptly grossed everyone out. Join Chris and “The Boys” as they discuss the amazing process behind the making of the film, provide you with several facts about the cars used on screen, and jam out to some awesome 80’s electro-rock music. Official hashtags: #BMovieMania #BadTaste
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Is this Peter Jackson? We may never know.

Teaser for Episode 15

Greetings, humans.
I, Lord Crumb, am proud to present Crumb’s Crunchy Delights as a sponsor of B-Movie Mania. Enjoy this introduction to next week’s episode where the B-Movie Maniacs discuss 1987’s Bad Taste from director Peter Jackson. Afterwards, we will force you to head over to Crumb’s Crunchy Delights for a taste that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD. Our secret is in the slow roasted homo sapien that is fall off the bone and melt-in-your mouth delicious.
Like B Movie Mania, Crumb’s Crunchy Delights is an experience you’ll never forget.


S1E14 – Josh Kirby, Time Warrior: Human Pets

Look, when you find out that in the 90’s, Charles Band produced a series of kid’s movies about a teenage ‘time warrior,’ you’re gonna pick one of those movies for your b-movie podcast. It’s impossible not to.
There’s a Dr. Who rip-off, a gross magic puppet, and the main villain uses a mech-suit. HOW COULD YOU NOT?!
Just look at THIS FREAKIN’ TRAILER for the entire series.
Listen in this week to hear your favorite B-Movie Maniac, Michael Hayes, defend his choice.
#SpiderWad #TeamDoubleD

Watch ‘Josh Kirby: Time Warrior: Human Pets’ on Amazon Prime and decide for yourself.

TEASER for Episode 14

What is time?
Is it relative?
Not to Josh Kirby. He’s a frickin’ time warrior, ya’ll!
Listen in as Mike reads from the sacred Book of Kang and shares some of the codes/rules for the viewing of our next movie, ‘Josh Kirby: Time Warrior: Human Pets!’ Charles Band produced this one so get ready for…that.

You can watch on Amazon Prime or YouTube.

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S1E13 – Fungicide

Behold, the lowest budget film featured on B-Movie Mania to date! Fungicide is a story about killer mushrooms made for a whopping $143.00. You will laugh. You will cry. You will never want to eat mushrooms again. This may be the movie that divided the B-Movie crew the most. If you missed the teaser, let’s just say Mike had a very strong reaction to watching this. You can watch Fungicide for free on Amazon Prime. Share your own mushroom stories in the comments! It’s Fungiciiiiiide!

TEASER for Episode 13

The movie Jason picked for episode 13 is Fungicide. It is a $140 “Night of the Living Dead” style movie with mushrooms. We’re pretty sure it broke Mike’s mind. In the teaser Jason reads a transcript of Mike’s comments as he struggles with the movie for the first time.

Watch Fungicide for free on Amazon Prime!





The transcript reading was very dramatic.