S01E11 – The Killing of Satan

SATAN! SATAN! COME OUT AND FACE THIS PODCAST, SATAN! Those of us at B Movie Mania have always wondered how a mortal with “magic” powers would stand up to The Prince of Darkness in an all-out fight. We’re still wondering, but The Killing of Satan shows us the next best thing. The Devil does eventually show up though, so it’s not a total loss. Feel free to write and tell us how you think this battle should have gone after you watch the movie and listen to our latest episode.
You can watch The Killing of Satan on YouTube.

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TEASER to Episode 11

Brothers and sisters! Welcome to the next service in The Church of B-Movie Mania. Today’s sermon, from Brother Chris Hutson, is about the 1983 Filipino movie, The Killing of Satan. Accept the word of the B-Movie Crew into your hearts and into your mind as you listen to our teaser for next week’s episode.

Show high moral character and purchase the DVD on Amazon or be a sinner and watch it for free on YouTube.

INTERVIEW: Greydon Clark

In this installment of B-Movie Mania Interviews, Paul chats with Greydon Clark, director of 20 feature films, including “Joysticks”. Greydon has been directing, writing and acting in movies since the late 60’s. He also wrote a book about his career entitled “On The Cheap: My Life In Low Budget Filmmaking”. You can pick up the book on his website: www.greydonclark.com

Greydon is truly the definition of an independent filmmaker and a b-movie icon. Enjoy the interview!

S1E9 – Tammy and the T-Rex



In 1994 (one year after Jurassic Park) the sci-fi comedy Tammy and the T-Rex stomped into our hearts. In our 9th episode we reflect on the career of Paul Walker: T-rex brain donor. We also debate the existence of dino-coitus in a barn and try to unpack Chris Hutson’s totally unreasonable dislike of American sweetheart Denise Richards. Sierra Renfro from the upcoming film, Absolute Vow, joins in as our first guest!

Official hashtag: #TesticularStandoff

Tammy and the T-Rex is available on YouTube.



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TEASER to Episode 9

ROOOOOAR! Jason picked the 1994 sci-fi comedy Tammy and the T-Rex for the 9th episode. In this teaser Jason interviews the titular T-Rex before a live studio audience. They talk about Mr. Rex’s co-stars Denise Richards and Paul Walker. As you might expect, things do not go according to plan…

Watch Tammy and the T-Rex on YouTube.
Official Hashtag: TesticularStandoff