S4E12 The Unexpected Race

Low budget meets high fantasy as the maniacs discuss Stephen Groo’s micr-budget magnum opus, The Unexpected Race. It’s a tale as old as time; Elf meets Human, they fall in love, the FBI comes to finish the job.

You can watch The Unexpected Race on Amazon Prime.

And check out our bonus episode about the documentary about Groo remaking his film in 2018 with the helps of Jack Black, RIGHT HERE.


Bonus – Insufferable Groo

We couldn’t just watch Stephen Groo’s biggest film “The Unexpected Race.”
No, we had to dive in hard with Scott Christopherson’s documentary about the man, Hollywood’s interest, and the process of remaking his magnum opus with the help of Jack Black & Jared Hess.

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S4E11 – Buttcrack

The dangers of ill-fitting pants are well known.  You become the object of ridicule, rise from your grave, and become the subject of this week’s episode of B-Movie Mania.  Enjoy our discussion of Troma Film’s cautionary tale of showing too much buttcrack, Buttcrack!
You can watch Buttcrack through a free trial on Troma Now.
Buttcrack co-stars musician Mojo Nixon!
Email Paul to tell him he looks like this now:
Speaking of Charles Band, did you know J and Paul once met the legendary filmmaker?  Here’s proof!

Teaser – Buttcrack

In a slight change from our usual episode teaser format, B-Movie Mania has partnered with Dark Hollywood and Nightbeast Industries to introduce the new Nightbeast Industries Roommate™.  This cross promotional opportunity celebrates the perfect social distancing cohabitant as well as next week’s episode, the Troma Entertainment classic, Buttcrack.

Buttcrack is no longer available on Amazon Prime, but is streamed exclusively through Troma Now with a free 30 day trial.