A Very Crappy Christams 2017

HO HO…Hogan?! That’s right, Brother! It’s time for the 1st annual B-Movie Mania Holiday Special. To kick things off we watched the beloved family Christmas film, Santa With Muscles! In this zany holiday classic an evil millionaire believes he is Santa Claus after an accident renders him an amnesiac. Say your prayers, take your vitamins and refill your egg nog because Hulkamania, B-Movie Mania, and Christmas are about to run wild on you!

Official Hashtag” #CrappyChristmas

Christmas 2017 Teaser

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for crappy movies! For our Christmas Special, we decided to mix things up and have our lovely lady friends pick a holiday film for us to review. Well… kind of. The man himself, Santa Claus, will fill you in on the details! Listen up and get ready for “A Very Crappy Christmas!” HO HO HO, Maniacs!

Official Hashtag – #CrappyChristmas





This is the graphic the ladies used to make their picks. This is it right here.