BMMtv Episode 3: Space Movies!

Outer Space! The last frontier or whatever! We all love movies set in space, so Mike and Paul decided to review a couple star-crossed VHS tapes. Oh also, Mike decided to make astronaut food. And that was NOT a good idea, as you will soon find out.

Up first, it’s the 90’s cult classic stink bomb known as “Leprechaun 4: In Space”. A pot of space gold, it ain’t. Movie #2 is “Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone”, starring a very grouchy Molly Ringwald. Set a course for adventure! Kind of!

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Season 3 Teaser

It’s almost time for B-Movie Mania Season 3 baybay! In order to determine who picks the first movie this season J, Chris and Mike journeyed over 5,000 miles to secret temple in a remote Chinese mountain range. There they found The Prince of Magic from 1983’s The Killing of Satan. Listen in on The Prince of Magic’s ancient wisdom and the first movie selection of the new season. It’s good to be back!

S2E14 – Psycho Bettys from Planet Pussycat

Prepare yourself for interplanetary adventure. 2011’s low budget musical Psycho Bettys from Planet Pussycat will put a song in your heart and your genitals in a cooler. Get ready to eat some burritos and dodge some pussy rockets. Remember no matter how rough life gets, every bitchin’ night brings a bitchin’ morning. That’s inspirational, right? Judges? Yes let’s go with it.

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Here’s Drag Racing, directed by Paul A. Brooks and starring the rest of us. Take a look before we change our mind and take it down.

Betty Blue’s ideal man. How do you stack up?

Don’t forget to hold your breath…