S2E05 – Hologram Man

KaBOOOOOM! This week Jon Nix joins us to discuss the 1995 action-thriller ‘Hologram Man.’ Prisoner Slash Gallagher’s holo-file has been hacked and now he can wreak havoc upon Los Angeles as some sort of living hologram. But don’t worry, Kurt Decoda is here to save us all.
This film is full of great names, a bonkers plot, explosions, explosions and even more explosions.

Watch on Amazon Prime or a more risque version on YouTube.

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B-Movie Mania
B-Movie Mania
S2E05 - Hologram Man

S1E3 – Fateful Findings

Once in a blue moon, a movie comes along that fills your heart with joy and simultaneously makes blood shoot out your nose. Such is the case with writer / director / star Neil Breen’s paranormal thriller / drama / nightmare “Fateful Findings.” Join the B-Movie Crew as they navigate through government conspiracies, alcoholism, laptop abuse, magical mushrooms and much, much more. Official hashtag: #BringTheBreen

“Fateful Findings” is available on Amazon Prime.

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B-Movie Mania
B-Movie Mania
S1E3 - Fateful Findings