BMMtv Episode 2: The Letter ‘P’

The letter “P”. Quite possibly the best letter in the alphabet. This week, Mike and Paul take a look at two movies that begin with the letter P! Okay okay, it’s a pretty loose theme. BUT… the boys join motorcycle gangs, so you’ll definitely want to check that out. Watch along as they review “Psychomania” and “Prototype X29A”. And look real coooool while doing so. Plus, our man on the street, Tim, tells us what the people of Chicago have to say. B-Movie Mania is a bi-weekly movie review show hosted by Mike Hayes and Paul Brooks! You can watch on Can TV Channel 19 in Chicago every Thursday night at 9pm and Friday afternoons at 4pm. The show premieres on YouTube Friday nights at 9pm central! Join the live chat with Mike and Paul! We love these b-movies!!

S1E8 – Zombie Decadence

Listen, everyone loves zombies. And everyone loves strippers! So why not smash them together like a glitter and brains sandwich? Add a side of biker gang and a dash of creepy public access clown and baby, you got yourself an undead stew goin’. We watched Zombie Decadence and… er wait, was it Zombie Strippers? Who knows! Just listen and enjoy while you’re still alive!

Official hashtag: #WhatWouldHamboDo?

Zombie Decadence is available on Amazon Prime or Full Moon Streaming.

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B-Movie Mania
B-Movie Mania
S1E8 - Zombie Decadence