Uncle Chrisy’s Hard To Finds – Corn

IT’S CORN TIME! For the season 2 premiere of Uncle Chrisy’s Hard to Finds, Paul and Uncle Chrisy watch 2004’s Corn. Starring Jenna Malone, Corn is the story of a young woman standing up against bags of meat, Big Farma, and violent sheep hidden just offscreen.

Corn is hard to find, so you can’t watch Corn unless Paul burns you a custom DVD like it’s 2004. You can, however, watch an unrelated movie called C.O.R.N. here. Before we get a lot of angry emails, you should know that Paul makes an appearance in C.O.R.N. 3, which is also unrelated to Corn, Candy Corn, and Children of the Corn 666: Isaacs Return.

B-Movie Mania
B-Movie Mania
Uncle Chrisy's Hard To Finds - Corn

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