Quick Takes: FLAWS

In 1975, Steven Spielberg brought us the terrifying film JAWS. 40 years later, Alexander T. Wang brings us his claustrophobic parody FLAWS. Join Mike & J in a cool pool as they discuss this haunting comedic short.

Watch FLAWS on Amazon Prime.

You can also see the short film “Squatter’s Rights” on Amazon Prime and check out Alex T. Wang’s other stuff on YouTube.

Halloween Special 2018 – Spaced Invaders

**Please read the following in a bad Jack Nicholson accent**

Hello boys and girls! Welcome to the B-Movie Mania 2018 Halloween special. After being warped from a haunted house onto an alien spaceship (you listened to our teaser, right?) the guys discuss the 1990 kids comedy, Spaced Invaders. If you’ve been battling the Arcturans for most of your life or just need a refresher, you can catch the movie RIGHT HERE on YouTube. Happy Halloween everybody and PREPARE TO DIE EARTH SCUM!

Quick Takes: Dream Trap

The end of B-Movie Mania’s “off-season” has arrived, but we got time for one last Quick Take! Join Paul and Chris as they break down the 1990 comedy flick “Dream Trap,” starring Buffy herself, Kristy Swanson! There’s a few surprises along the way and a very catchy theme song, so sit back and enjoy the dream!

A list of movies features on USA Up All Night!

Paul interviews Dream Trap’s very own Larry Lafond!