S2E15 – No Holds Barred

Ladies and gentlemen!  In this corner, standing six foot seven, weighing 298 pounds with the 24 inch pythons… No Holds Barred!  In the other corner, with a combined height of twenty feet and combined weight of too goddamn much… Your 2018 B-Movie Maniaaacs!

Who will win this historic match-up?  Watch No Holds Barred here, then tune in to this episode to find out!


Mike recreates the famous push-up scene. Kind of.  Just let it all soak in.

Teaser for No Holds Barred

Watcha gonna do, brother!We’re not sure what’s up with Paul and Chris this week, but their voices will probably be sore from discussing next week’s pick, No Holds Barred.  Featuring Hulk Hogan and a couple other people you probably recognize, it’s a look into the totally real and not scripted world of professional wrestling in the late 1980s.  You can check it out on Hulu right here, brother!



S2E14 – Psycho Bettys from Planet Pussycat

Prepare yourself for interplanetary adventure. 2011’s low budget musical Psycho Bettys from Planet Pussycat will put a song in your heart and your genitals in a cooler. Get ready to eat some burritos and dodge some pussy rockets. Remember no matter how rough life gets, every bitchin’ night brings a bitchin’ morning. That’s inspirational, right? Judges? Yes let’s go with it.

Get real into Psycho Bettys from Planet Pussycat FREE on Amazon Prime.

Here’s Drag Racing, directed by Paul A. Brooks and starring the rest of us. Take a look before we change our mind and take it down.

Betty Blue’s ideal man. How do you stack up?

Don’t forget to hold your breath…