SPECIAL: B-Movie Mania at Windycon 45 (95ers Review)




Hello Maniacs! For the first time ever, we recorded an episode with all of us in the same room! We recently attended Windycon 45 and had a blast. Crazy Chris sang a karaoke version of “Easy.” Mike enjoyed the Westin bath robes. J finally got to play Mario Kart 8. We walked the con floor. We hit the parties. Oh yeah… and we went to the dealer room and picked a movie for an impromptu review. Mike found 95ers: Time Runners. It’s a time travel movie so in this episode we decided to try some mind-bending time travel of our own!

Quick Takes: FLAWS

In 1975, Steven Spielberg brought us the terrifying film JAWS. 40 years later, Alexander T. Wang brings us his claustrophobic parody FLAWS. Join Mike & J in a cool pool as they discuss this haunting comedic short.

Watch FLAWS on Amazon Prime.

You can also see the short film “Squatter’s Rights” on Amazon Prime and check out Alex T. Wang’s other stuff on YouTube.